Journey to the Center of the Mind

Mark Lewis in his new show displays the incredible hypnotic powers of the mind in ways often hilarious... sometimes spine-chilling...
but always fascinating.

The Show

At the beginning Mark Lewis warms up the audience with a few card tricks and some suggestibility tests. This is used to select the best subjects. Volunteers are then invited on stage.

The show consists of volunteers being hypnotized on stage and participating in various comedy situations. For example, you may witness someone speaking fluent Martian, get stuck to their chairs, fall in love with a broomstick or run from a friend they believe is a monster! This is just a small sample of what can happen.

This performance is suitable for a family audience. Absolutely no vulgarity or obscenities are used.

The Volunteers are treated with the utmost respect and although they have fun on stage they are not made to look too ridiculous.

Length of Show

The show can run anywhere from 1– 3 hours depending on the venue and the circumstances. For most venues the performance lasts 75-90 minutes. A good show can be put on in an hour but less performing time than this is not recommended.

Size of Audience

Hypnotists love large audiences! This is because the larger the audience the more chance there is of finding good subjects. Many stage hypnotists require an audience of at least 150 people. Having said this, Mark is one of the few hypnotists who is quite happy to work for small audiences, even as low as 40 people. This is because he has developed unique hypnotic induction methods especially suited for small audiences.

Welfare of the Participants

The psychological and physical welfare of his volunteers is paramount.

Certain types of individuals (epileptics, heart patients, expectant mothers, and psychiatric patients) are discouraged from volunteering. The subjects are restrained if they get too excited and dangerous stunts are not used.

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Letter of Recommendation:

September 7, 2005

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mark Lewis for his performance at our orientation celebrations. This is the second year we have had Mr. Lewis to our event and he again gave us a wonderful show that entertained all of our incoming students, volunteers and executives.

Mr. Lewis' powers of Hypnotism are truly astounding and the fact that he was able to effect both the members of the audiences as well as the volunteers on stage still amazes me. I heard many favourable comments about how fun the show was among the incoming students and even among our leaders who have seen the show twice! I understand that there was great anticipation of the show beforehand, and they certainly weren't disappointed.

In all, I would recommend Mr. Lewis' show to any college or group that was looking for an exciting show to entertain and get an audience into the swing of things. We all enjoyed the show and would gladly have him back to entertain the next year of incoming students.


Andrew Covert
Day Events Co-Ordinator
Victoria College Orientation

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