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The Royal Road to Stage Hypnotism
by Mark Lewis

118 pages

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This book has been written for those people who want to learn the art of putting on hypnotic demonstrations for public entertainment. Whether you be a hypnotherapist, stage entertainer or public speaker wishing to expand your activities, this book will give you the instruction you need. Professional magicians in particular seem to be drawn to this fascinating way of entertaining people.

There is nothing more hilarious than a good demonstration of stage hypnosis. We would also add that there is nothing more dramatic and mysterious than this type of entertainment. A good hypnotism show has everything; comedy, drama, mystery and excitement. One moment the audience is laughing its collective head off, the next moment everyone sits on the edge of their seats, mouths open at some spine-chilling demonstration of the weird potential of the human mind. This book will tell you how to do it!

Mark Lewis is a stage hypnotist of many years’ experience performing in different countries. He has performed his "Concert of Hypnotism" at fairs, high schools, universities, corporate events and psychic fairs. He has written several books and also performs magic shows as well as hypnotism shows. He is an expert at sleight-of-hand, particularly in the area of card magic.

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Streetwise Tarot
by Mark Lewis

With a foreword by Richard Webster

136 pages, 35 colour images

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A different approach to Tarot readings

There are literally hundreds of books written on the Tarot, but this is probably the only one with a “streetwise” approach. This unorthodox system describes a more realistic, down-to-earth attitude to the Tarot, based on practicality rather than the more common metaphysical theories.

This is not to say that there is no spiritual element to this method. It encourages an attitude of empathy and compassion, which the author believes is essential for a Tarot reader. There is an entire chapter on the ethics of Tarot reading, a topic that is rarely, if ever, discussed in other books on the subject.

Another area that is rarely covered in books on the Tarot is how to make money once you have learned how to do it. There is an entire chapter on this mercenary subject.

A unique feature of this book is the memorization system it describes. You will be able to remember the meanings of all 78 cards in a week or two, rather than the months of practice this usually requires.

If you want a quick, practical guide to learn to do Tarot readings, satisfy your clients and earn some money in the process, Streetwise Tarot is the book for you.

Mark Lewis became an expert in Tarot, palmistry, astrology and other reading methods by working “down in the trenches”, interacting with people for many years. He works in a variety of settings, including psychic fairs, flea markets, and corporate events. He also has a thriving private practice. In this book, he shares his unique approach to Tarot readings, giving you the benefit of his versatility and over thirty years of experience.

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The Annotated
Royal Road to Card Magic

by Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue,
and new material by Mark Lewis

381 pages, 75 colour photographs

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My name is Mark Lewis. This is the book that changed my life. In fact, I suspect it changed the life of a lot of other card magicians too. The Royal Road to Card Magic was first published in 1949, and 70 years later it is still considered the standard work in card magic.

A terrific study plan which, if you follow carefully (as I did), you cannot possibly fail to achieve proficiency as a card magician. You can start the book knowing nothing about card tricks but by the time you get to the end you will become an expert.

Of course, a lot of things have happened in card magic over the last 70 years since the book was first published, so I decided to add some of my own ideas, variations and improvements to the material, which I have performed for decades. I must have done something right, since legendary card magician and memory expert Harry Lorayne wrote this after reading my manuscript:

"It has been a long time since I couldn't sleep when I'd just acquired a new magic book – had to finish reading it before I turned off the bedside lamp and closed my eyes! This book did it!

I don't know what price Mark will put on this book, but whatever that price I assure you that it will be worth much, much, more for you than that amount! (Aside from learning some terrific new ideas it brought back wonderful memories for me. I knew Jean Hugard and Fred Braue personally. I know that they'd be very pleased with what he's accomplished here.)

What a job he's done! His annotations, updates, wonderfully clear and explicit photos, new ideas, and more, make this an absolute must-have.

I don't want to get specific – mentioning the many items that I found to be so great. It's better for you to come across all of them as you read, decide for yourself."

Harry Lorayne

Around 40 or so years ago, I decided to write my own book for beginners in card magic. It was inspired and based on the Royal Road To Card Magic. I managed to write four chapters, then halfway through the fifth, procrastination set in, life got in the way and it was never completed.

I always meant to continue with it but I procrastinated over it for decade after decade. To be frank, I know perfectly well that I will never complete the proposed book, so I have therefore decided that, rather than waste the effort and work of 40 years ago, I might as well include it in these annotations as an appendix, thus adding another 54 pages.

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The Lives of a Showman
by Mark Lewis


Paperback edition:

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Hardcover edition:

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Canada & all other countries: $40.00 USD + $10 shipping

Mark Lewis has made a living as a magician, a pitchman, a psychic reader, a hypnotist, a children’s entertainer, and an author, and he’s hustled for every dime (or farthing or whatever the local currency of whatever country he was in) that he’s made. Mr. Lewis has recorded his exploits in a new book titled The Lives of a Showman. 322 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. $40 shipped in the US and UK. ($10 surcharge for shipping and handling to Canada and all other countries)

"The Lives of a Showman is not just a self-portrait of a magician, grafter and seer, but it is also a portrait of a landscape-one spread across several countries and continents. From night clubs in London, to hustling in Blackpool, to upheaval in Ireland during "The Troubles", and the open space of the new world. We are richer for it." —David Ben

"Mark is one of the truly interesting characters in the world of showbusiness. He has a brilliant yet wicked sense of humour, and is often misunderstood by his peers. As someone who has known him for much of his life, I consider him to be a man of incredible talent as both a performer and grafter [demonstrator]' He is extremely resourceful, and is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to magic and other branches of entertainment. His life is truly one of mystery and intrigue, and he is a wonderful raconteur as will be seen in the pages of this masterpiece. I would consider Mark to be a true showman, and his personality is indeed multi-faceted. I know you will love reading The Lives of a Showman." —Roger Blakiston (Jolly Roger)

"What thoughts enter my mind when I hear the name Mark Lewis? I presume that for many who have met him a collage of images enter their thoughts. Images that include pitchman, hypnotist, close-up magician, children’s entertainer, and psychic. Combine those images with his personality and you have the unforgettable Mark Lewis. I operate a magic shop in Toronto, Canada and I have known this character for about sixteen years. Over those years I have had countless dinners and conversations with him. I have also done business with him. I consider Mark a very good friend and I am very thankful that he asked me to write something for his book. He is so talented in many areas but at least for me I most enjoy his close-up magic; or perhaps I should write close-up experience? I have seen him do close-up magic for laymen and magicians hundreds of times. There are very few others who perform closeup magic who would want to follow this master performer. For real people it is more than just watching Mark Lewis—it is an EXPERIENCE! An experience they will not soon forget. And that is Mark’s goal. He has told me and others countless times that although he certainly wants his magic to be strong, it is HE, that he wants laymen to walk away remembering—and they do! For those of us in the magic community and for others with whom he has had more than just fleeting moments, Mark Lewis is a character. And I am certain that I will never meet in my life another Mark Lewis. —Jeff Pinsky

"I am pleased to say the book exceeded my earlier expectations. I think it is absolutely brilliant. ... I think you have a wonderful gift of expressing yourself through the written word. At times, I really felt like I was in your shoes. The tales of your London club gigs made my palms sweat and I felt performance nerves until I reminded myself this was your experience and I didn’t actually have to go on stage myself!" —James Munton

“You’re quite slow,” the magician comments. “Do you work for the post office?” The man finally chooses a card, keeping it hidden from the trickster. He reveals the card to the rest of the audience. The magician interrupts. “Just make sure you remember that nine of hearts, sir”. The man smiles and returns the card. Indeed, it was a nine of hearts. “Yes, we British are rather clever,” says the UK magician. “That’s how we won the Empire. I don’t quite know why we lost it”. “Now, I know what you’re thinking,” he continues. “You’re thinking that all the cards were nine of hearts. Well, you’re wrong”. He flips through the entire deck of cards, revealing each card to be different. “I told you. They’re all different. If they were all nine of hearts, it would look like this”. He quickly fans the same deck of cards across the table, revealing them now to be all nine of hearts. A bewildered woman grabs her partner’s arm and hides her face in his sleeve. “Don’t worry, though,” says the magician. “They’re not all nine of hearts because like I told you, they’re all different”. He collects the deck and flips through it once more, revealing all the cards to be different again. Some audience members look at each other in astonishment. Some simply gaze at the cards. A teenager stares intently at the deck, rubbing his chin, trying to figure out how the trick was done. The bewildered woman and her partner are impressed. “How much is it for those cards?” asks the woman’s partner. The snake is $5. The magic cards with instructions are $10. A cup-and-ball trick is $5 and the three-card trick is $3. “You can have the entire package, which comes with a book of 102 tricks, for just $20, but you can have my mother-in-law for free”. The audience laughs. “This entire package comes with a money back guarantee,” says the salesman/magician. “Providing you can find me.” —Mai Nguyen, award winner, Jerry Gladman Memorial Scholarship (journalism) 


Author: Mark Lewis
Illustrations: Paul Pacific

$20.00 US (Postpaid Worldwide)

This is the pocket trick of the universe! And this is the best book ever written on it!

You may have seen this performed by a carnival pitchman or magic demonstrator at a fair or exhibition. Briefly the effect is that a tiny little mouse scampers all over the place! It walks along the hand, it turns left, right and even rolls over! It will scamper out of a glass and hop from one deck of cards to another. It is a sensation!!!


The Greatest Svengali Routine in Existence

Author: Mark Lewis
Illustrations: Susan Kern
Foreword: Ariel Frailich

$25.00 US (Postpaid Worldwide)

This book details the best Svengali routine and handling that has ever been published.

Full of anecdotes about the world of the trick card pitchman and a description of a routine that has been under fire for over 30 years. It has amazed and is still amazing thousands and thousands of people at consumer and trade shows. Described therein are new moves and handlings which have never seen print. Here are just a few: The Svengali riffle shuffle, the Svengali Overhand Shuffle, The Fan, The Jackie Cook Spread, The Lambert Spread, The Hand Spread, The Spread and Turnover, the Stuthard Drop and many more.



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